Brush Holders, Bathroom, Curling Iron, Vanity Accessories


  • YOUR ONE STOP SOLUTION TO ORGANIZATION: Place all your tools in one place. Don’t just scatter all your beauty products everywhere. Put them all in the multi-purpose organizer!
  • HANDLE YOUR HEAT: Most would be worried about putting away hot electronics until they’re left to cool. This organizer lines its holes with metal cups, perfectly capable of handling your thermal tools like hair dryers and curling irons.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN: Place everything to need, whatever it is, to de-clutter your space. Not just bottles, cosmetics, and other toiletries, but you can also put your surge protector in the wide drawer and consolidate all your wires in one handy spot.
  • PLEASANT TO THE TOUCH: Made of soft, hardy leather in rose gold pink makes this organizer easy on touching without sacrificing durability. From a few bumps and knocks to a full on drop, this organizer stays in one piece no matter the accident.
  • PUT ALL YOUR BOTTLES IN ONE BASKET: Put all sorts of conditioners, shampoos, and other hair care products in the cup holders, among other things. This cradle can hold anything, so you can try just about anything to hold.


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